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Ultimate Car Dock
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Text, WhatsApp & Email Hands Free - Ultimate Car Dock Android App Text, WhatsApp & Email Hands Free - Ultimate Car Dock Android App
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Text and Email by Voice
REad and reply to texts and emails by voice


Professional Drivers Worldwide Enjoy the
Benefits of UCD

  • Connect Your Fleet
  • Less accidents
  • No Fines !

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UCD Awarded at the Barcelona Motor Show
Connected Car Industry

Ultimate Car Dock

Drive Safe - Get UCD
The Award Winning Hands Free Experience

Full Voice Recognition = Zero Driver Distraction:

Receive and Answer SMS text messages, emails, and calls, (WhatsApp / Facebook messages & Gmail require Android 4.4+), open any of your favourite apps, start navigation and control your music - Completely Handsfree.

See full list of Voice Commands, and personalise your settings from the apps menu.

Integration with Steering Wheel or Headset via Bluetooth:

Activating UCD via the Steering Wheel Button or Bluetooth Headset enables you to initiate voice control without having to look at or, even touch your phone. You can literally leave your phone in your pocket, or bag, and still use it while you drive.

Personalised Voice Response:

By default the voice prompt is programmed to say “Ready”, but you can opt to have it say your name, (or whatever you want,) giving your car a whole new personality!

Dedicated Music Player:

The music player has its own dedicated screen, beautifully designed for safe driving, with large buttons, and easy to read text.

5 Car Dock Screens:

The 5 car dock screens hold 30 shortcuts in total – and each one can be voice activated. Sleep Mode offers power saving, and ease of use.

UCD Settings:

The many and varied settings make UCD adaptable to your unique needs. There is even a Free online backup for the apps data, and your own personal settings.

We ask that you please familiarise yourself with the app, and set your preferences before you drive off!

See “Voice Commands” & “Settings” in the app's menu.

Or view full user manual in the menu at the top of the page.

Drive Safe – Get UCD

Make Your own Car Smarter

“This app gives you a simpler (safer) menu for apps you need while you drive. It also gives you text to speech to hear and answer messages.”
Bret Greenstein - IBM Software Group - Vice President Rational Continuous Engineering Solutions

UCD Great Assistant

An outstanding app for those on the go. I am outside most of the day and this app has eliminated the need to stop and read SMS along with needing to grab the phone when it rings. The app does it for you. It works even better for me because I don't have to reach for my glasses when these events happen. The app creator is a great supporter and responds to your questions. Great app!!!
Cy Clone – Google Play Store

Don't bother with the competition.

I don't normally pay for apps, but out of frustration with other driving apps I went ahead and took a chance on this. Nothing could match the quality and functionality of the software built in to my previous phone. I can honestly say that this exceeds what I was looking for. This is simply the best driving mode application out there. Just buy it already. You won't be disappointed.
William Cornelius – Google Play Store

Brilliant app

Does so much to enhance my driving experience. Bonus for me was after contacting the developer he quickly implemented a feature I requested. All in all I'm well suited.
Mark Steel – Google Play Store

Truly Great

This is the only app that lets you drive and text and make phone calls legally and safely. In my book it's worth at a 5.7 Rating. I tried all the others, they have nothing to offer. Samsung Galaxy
Richard Wilson – Google Play Store

Just what I needed

Works really well. It doesn’t try and do everything. And I can link it to Llama Location Profiles with the car-mode flag. Just about to upgrade to full version.
Rohit Gupta – Google Play Store

Really Cool Program

Had doubts about just how well this program would work and was pleasantly surprised. All functions I tried worked great. At this point, it rates a 5*. By the way, my wife rates a 5* as well but can't rate since she won't do Google +.
Tim Driver – Google Play Store

Brilliant !

This is really superb :) i just love it :*
Gwen W. Cox – Google Play Store

Great app

This is a great app and will help you be safer while driving more people should hey this app in Baltimore Maryland it is illegal to talk or text on your phone but people still do anyway they should get this app pay attention next time somebody cuts you off or does something wrong look I bet they are on their phone this app could potentially save lives and fast response if you need help from developer.
Timothy Wray – Google Play Store

waw..! what a great app.

This may be the best car dashboard apps available in play store. I am really happy that I have Ultimate Car Dock-Dashboard. As users already explained all its excellent features so I should not repeat them again. I just want to say that UCD should be installed in every device to enjoy its awesome features and make driving more convenient and safe
Karen Hill – Google Play Store

superb Car Dashboard

Excellent voice command solution. I use only UCD during driving. It’s all features are very useful for everyone. It makes my driving more safe and easy. I should say thank you to the developer for its correct and fast response to input voice command. Moreover other features like Speedometer and customized favourite apps dashboard. It’s a very good app.
Raj Ariyan – Google Play Store

Safe and convenient

Being a taxi driver it was a kind of hassle for me to touch the phone every time it received text message, incoming call during driving so I was looking for something that can convert the text message to voice and also make a reply or call to the sender followed by my command. And my friends suggest me Ultimate Car Dock-Dashboard. It’s just kind of awesome app, exactly for what I was looking for. Value for money and highly recommendable.
Shoriful Islam – Google Play Store

Works Exactly as Described - Thank you!

I didn't have to wait for the 7 day trial to end before I purchased the full version. Works exactly as described! I had a question during the set-up of my Galaxy s5 and received a response in 15 minutes. Very easy to read screen. The voice commands work great for texting! You can add apps to the UCD homescreen. I have text message, Pandora, compass, speedometer and email through UCD and it simplifies the process. Highly recommended!
Marnie Boyd – Google Play Store

Well worth the money

This is the only dock that actually does read SMS and can reply without touching the screen. Only one I found which actually understand speech. Fairly accurate as well, certainly worth the price considering the $400 fine for using phone to send/read SMS in traffic unless hand free. Would be 5 star if had more verbal commands like volume control.
Bruce Richardson – Google Play Store